Lead Testing

Exposure to lead can lead to dangerous lead poisoning but with a comprehensive lead test service, you can be confident that the lead levels in your property are within safe ranges.

Trust in the experts at Insight Environmental when you need your home or business tested for lead in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and the surrounding areas in California.

Lead paint inspections are extremely important in any older homes or businesses which were built before 1978 because a lead test can inform you of any possible risk that may be present in your house or business for lead poisoning, which is a serious illness affecting young children especially. A lead risk assessment informs you of any potential lead in the water, soil, dust, or paint present in and around your home or office. This lead test, if it comes back positive, will offer you an action plan for how to deal with the lead in order to eradicate it from your home or office. Lead paint inspections are crucial because of the extreme health risks to young children and babies, as well as women of child-bearing years. The experts at Insight Environmental will guide you through the process of lead paint testing and lead risk assessment, as you work to make your home or business as safe as possible.

Effects of Lead Exposure

Though it may take some time for symptoms of lead exposure to become known, it is still important to get your property test for lead. Even a small amount of lead can be detrimental but elevated or high levels of lead can prove to be fatal. While both adults and children can be affected by lead, exposure to lead is most serious in children. Adults and children that have been exposed to lead can suffer from lead poisoning with symptoms that can include headaches, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle pain, and constipation. In children, lead poisoning can lead to developmental and learning issues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines that children from 6 months to 6 years of age are considered high priority for lead blood testing.

Lead Hazard Evaluation

The trained professionals at Insight Environmental will conduct thorough lead paint inspections and water testing for lead to determine if your property is at risk for lead in soil, paint, or water, and write up a lead risk assessment report, including any recommendations to mitigate the risk of lead exposure or lead poisoning. In any lead risk assessment, there is a sense of urgency because of the health risks associated with lead, especially those for babies, young children, and women of child-bearing years. These risks include:

Exposure to lead and lead poisoning can cause reproductive problems in adults, as well as other physical and neurological problems as well.

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Certified Lead Project Monitoring

For any older homes or businesses built before the 1980’s, even demolition or reconstruction can be dangerous. Any time you do a demolition or repainting project, you need to monitor the situation by doing lead based paint inspections and making sure new projects are not creating dangerous lead dust. If you are doing a renovation in your home or business but you don’t have time to watch every move the contractors make, you can call on Insight Environmental to monitor the situation for you. The trained professionals at Insight Environmental will ensure that the lead based paint inspections run smoothly and that the lead risk assessment plays out as it should. Whether water testing for lead or lead paint testing, having a professional oversee the situation is a great benefit and will keep the contractors in check.

Lead Based Paint Testing

Because the physical ramifications of lead create such a critical issue, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that you hire a certified professional like those at Insight Environmental to do lead based paint inspections, rather than try to do it yourself. They will do lead paint testing on walls, test the dust in your home, do lead testing in water, and even test the soil around your home or office. Lead testing for water is extremely critical if you have a well on your property. Lead based paint inspections will generate a report with test results so that you know what steps you need to take to mitigate the situation in the event that the lead test is positive.

If your home or office was built before 1978, take the time to do a lead risk assessment and lead based paint testing to ensure the safety of your home and family. The friendly professionals at Insight Environmental do everything from lead paint inspections to lead testing in water service and will set your mind at ease. If the lead inspections turn up positive, they will create a detailed report to explain your next steps. Contact Insight Environment today to evaluate your home or office with professional lead tests and keep it safe from the dangers of lead exposure and lead poisoning.

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