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When it comes to the wellbeing of your family, loved ones, and employees, no measure is too much to take. An asbestos test can uncover the hidden danger that you may be unaware of in your property.

Asbestos testing, sampling, and analysis services are available in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and the surrounding areas in California.

Asbestos testing in San Luis Obispo CA is a necessity for anyone who owns a home or building built before the 1980’s, especially if you are renovating, notice tiles coming up or walls crumbling, or if you are getting ready to demolish it. Prior to the 1980’s, many builders used a cheap, durable, fire-resistant mineral called asbestos, but the health dangers of asbestos have since been brought to light. Asbestos fibers are tiny and cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they can be inhaled and cause cancer and other serious health concerns, as well as asbestos poisoning. Some people insist on asbestos home testing, but with such a serious situation, you will want to call in the professionals to determine whether your home or business is infested with asbestos containing material. Asbestos testing from Insight Environmental will keep your family and co-workers safe while shedding some light on the types of asbestos you may have in your home or office
buildings, especially if you suspect asbestos poisoning or are experiencing asbestos

Asbestos and its Ramifications

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is extremely durable, and therefore has been used in many products in construction and building up until the late 1970’s, when people realized how dangerous it could be. Material such as wallboard, sheet vinyl flooring, and mastic are well known sources of asbestos. An average of 90,000 people per year die from asbestos related disease. Asbestos causes mesothelioma and lung cancer, and also could cause heart failure, among other maladies. Chrysotile asbestos is the most prevalent type, accounting for 95% of the asbestos used in the United States. Professional asbestos inspectors like the ones at Insight Environmental can determine if you have experienced asbestos exposure. Common places for asbestos containing material to be found include:

Asbestos Testing Process

Because of the immense danger of asbestos and any material that may contain it, certain protocols must be followed during the testing process for the safety of everyone involved. When material containing asbestos breaks down and creates dust, this is when most exposure occurs, from breathing in contaminated air. Samples will be taken and safely contained and any sample area will also be contained with plastic to lessen the risk of spread. Once our professionals collect all samples, they will be analyzed at the lab to determine the risk of asbestos in your property.

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Pre-Demolition Asbestos Testing

Because asbestos exposure can be so dangerous, it is imperative that asbestos inspections occur before any demolition happens in a building. Professional asbestos inspectors like the ones at Insight Environmental are both knowledgeable and thorough and will put your mind at ease. Symptoms of asbestos exposure may not be fully realized for a long time, making it even more dangerous, and because asbestos fibers and dust cannot be seen, you might not even realize they are there. With these long-term health concerns, hiring a professional inspector becomes even more important. For instance, vermiculite with asbestos was used in insulation, so this is of particular concern if a building filled with insulation is being dismantled. Another type of asbestos, friable asbestos, is more likely to break down, and if it is present in the building, a demolition can scatter it through the air. Disposing of asbestos is a very tricky procedure, especially with so many types of asbestos, and this makes an asbestos test even more important. So before you bring in the wrecking ball, get a quality asbestos test from Insight Environmental to keep the area and your co-workers or family as safe as possible.

Post Abatement Clearance

Another important point of contact for a professional asbestos inspector like Insight Environmental is after an abatement clearance. Abatement is the process by which asbestos is contained, especially during construction or removal of the asbestos in a specific area of your home or office. Disposing of asbestos is a delicate situation, so it is important to do an asbestos test afterward to see if the air is safe. Because asbestos fibers are airborne and not easily detected if the area is not properly encapsulated, detrimental asbestos symptoms could occur. Once the abatement has been accomplished, you need a reputable company like Insight Environmental to perform an asbestos testing service to prove results are all clear. Asbestos home testing does not cut it when dealing with the dangerous fibers of asbestos, and especially disposing of asbestos.

Insight Environmental understands the gravity of the situation where asbestos is concerned, and our asbestos inspectors will deliver quality asbestos testing. With so many dangers of asbestos, such as asbestos poisoning, and the fact that it is found anywhere from asbestos tiles to asbestos ceiling, you need the trusted asbestos testing service of Insight Environmental. Asbestos fibers easily become airborne, and symptoms of asbestos exposure are often delayed, but if your home or office tests positive for asbestos you can begin a program immediately to mitigate the damage. Asbestos testing will save you time, money, and health down the road, so call Insight Environmental today!

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