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A business or home mold problem can be harmful to the health of those who inhabit the property as well as the building structure. An environmental mold testing can detect any harmful type of mold growth present in your property so that you can get rid of any mold problem in your home or business.

Identify harmful mold spores in your property with professional mold tests in Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and the surrounding areas in California.

If you recently bought a home, or you have experienced some water damage in your home or
office, it is a good idea to do an environmental mold test for the air quality and do air testing for mold spores that may be harmful. A black mold inspection and environmental mold testing in Ventura, CA is extremely important to ensure that your home or office is as safe as it can be for those living and working there. This includes air testing for mold by professional air quality inspectors, as well as mold assessments and mold inspection by a certified mold test company such as Insight Environmental. A mold test and analysis is the most certain way to identify if mold is present in your residential and commercial property. If there is black mold in your home or office it can cause a myriad of health problems, so professional air quality testing and a mold test should be done to ensure the safety of your home and family in Ventura, CA.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that occurs naturally outside and can travel through the air via its spores. Not every type of mold testing for mold in your home is harmful though. Some mold spores, such as black mold, produce mycotoxins that can cause cold-like symptoms for people, and with prolonged exposure to mold spores, more serious symptoms such as triggered asthma attacks, shortness of breath, and  memory problems. Not only can mold be detrimental to health, but also the structure of a building and virtually all surfaces. Sometimes, you cannot see testing for mold in your home but notice the familiar musty odor of mold. If you come across visible signs of mold but are not sure whether it is a harmful type, it is best to default to a professional analysis. Air quality testing and possibly black mold inspection and testing should be done if any of the following are applicable:

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Mold & Moisture Assessments

Toxic mold testing from a mold test professional like those at Insight Environmental is extremely important. If you see signs of visible mold, especially black mold, seek out mold assessments and mold test services to see how extensive the exposure is and if you’re dealing with harmful mold types such as black mold. Mold testing for homes and mold testing for businesses involves a visual inspection, as well as a moisture meter to determine if a certain area is damp or wet. If mold is suspected behind the walls, a mold test professional might need to remove a sample piece of drywall or other surfaces to perform toxic mold testing. Samples will be sent for lab analysis and tests will be conducted to determine what molds are present. The environmental mold test results of the mold assessments will determine the next step, and Insight Environmental will create a detailed report and recommendation for you based on their mold
test lab analysis and findings.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality is something you rarely think about until you end up with an unexplained cold or flu symptoms and see Testing for Asbestos in Ceiling on your walls or ceilings. Air quality services by certified air quality inspectors like those at Insight Environmental include professional air quality testing for mold spores, which will get the people in your home or office on track to breathe healthier air. The Testing for Asbestos in Ceiling air quality experts at Insight Environmental will conduct an in home air quality test, and after tests and lab analysis, will create a report for you on how to improve air quality indoors if needed. Homeowners and business owners rarely think of air quality assessors when it comes time for home improvement, but without knowing how to improve air quality indoors, your family and coworkers could become ill.

A mold inspection and test is very crucial to the well-being of your home or office and the health of your family and co-workers. But don’t just stop with visible mold test services. Air quality assessors will do a thorough professional air quality inspection and inform you of how to improve air quality indoors. A home mold test kit simply cannot offer the same level of comprehensiveness that professional services can and will prove to be well worth the cost. At the same time, a mold test professional like those at Insight Environmental will assess your home and help you create a plan to mitigate any mold growth that is present. A professional mold test company like Insight Environmental offers air quality experts that will help you breathe easier.

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