Types of Radon Treatment

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Owning property, one of the things you have to be aware of is potential exposure to radon, a colorless and odorless carcinogenic gas that may be around without clear indications. When radioactive metals such as uranium, radium, or thorium break down in soil or groundwater, radon forms. This is why Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA, offers comprehensive radon testing. Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and can pose other significant health complications. 


As previously mentioned, radon exposure is not always visually obvious, but there are symptoms you can look out for. You should seek medical attention if you notice any of these symptoms. You start to notice an irregular nagging cough, shortness of breath, or persistent wheezing. More extreme symptoms include coughing blood, chest pain, or unexpected weight loss.

Active Soil Depressurization (Interior)

At Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA, we know that this is the most common occurrence of radon that requires treatment. This is the most visually appealing treatment and minimizes the chances of damage to the system from external sources. When your property creates negative pressure, that can draw the radon gas inside. This type of treatment draws the radon underneath your property and releases it above the roof. 

You will typically experience some piping installed in your basement or garage which will run through the home, out of your way, and lead to a fan installed in the attic. This fan is designed to be as little of a visual nuisance as possible. 

This system allows the radon gas to vent outside of your home instead of lingering inside. This solution instantly makes your home or business a safer place to inhabit. In addition to the venting system, typically a monitoring system will be installed to ensure its effectiveness.

Active Soil Depressurization (Exterior)

This system is designed similarly to the interior version mentioned above, but this system is installed outside of the home or business. Piping will be installed on the home’s exterior instead of through the basement or garage. Additionally, instead of a fan needing to be placed on your roof, it will generally be placed on the ground level to push the radon gas away from the property. These systems are typically less popular because they are more visible from the outside but are just as effective and the right choice for some customers. 

Active Soil Depressurization (Slab)

This option is used typically if your property is built on a slab foundation. This requires drilling into the slab and installing a pipe that routes to the property’s roof where the radon gas will be directed.

Crawlspace Sub-Membrane Depressurization

When soil depressurization is not the right option for you, Insight Environmental knows that some people prefer Crawlspace Sub-Membrane Depressurization. Reducing air pressure can prevent radon from ever becoming a problem. This method will pull the gas from crawl spaces in your home and draw them to a roofing system on top of the property.

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If you suspect your home or business is being exposed to radon or experiencing symptoms, and you are in Carpinteria, CA or its surrounding areas, contact Insight Environmental immediately to ensure your home or business is safe for everyone to inhabit!

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