What Are The Signs Of Mold In Your House?

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Mold is a fungus that exists naturally in the air, and it is everywhere. It travels by releasing spores, which can sometimes enter the home. Once inside, the spores latch onto different surfaces such as clothing, walls, and carpet. Mold in homes is a common problem, but it can be serious if it is not properly treated. If left untreated, mold can damage a home’s structure. It can also negatively impact air quality and result in health problems. In this article, learn four possible indicators that a house contains mold. Keep in mind that professional mold testing is the most effective way to determine if mold is present. Homeowners can leave home for a few days to see if symptoms persist outside of the home.

Visible mold

Mold in a house is usually visible as stains on surfaces. Since mold is susceptible to moisture and ventilation issues, attics and crawl spaces are common places for mold to grow. Mold spores thrive in warm, moist environments. Mold grows over time and often causes surfaces to become darkened and discolored. As such, the presence of visible mold is an indication that the issue has existed for a long time. Homeowners who notice visible mold should consider mold removal services offered through a mold remediation company.

Water and condensation

Water and condensation are signs that a home has a moisture problem. Windows that are properly sealed should not produce condensation. Additionally, water near air conditioners and furnaces shouldn’t be present. If these issues occur in the home, homeowners should consider the need for a mold inspection. The cause of the issue should be identified and corrected before pursuing mold remediation.

Musty smell

Mold might be present if the home has a musty or earthy smell. In this scenario, an air quality test should be conducted to test for the presence of mold.

Health issues

Air quality is significantly impacted by mold. Mold exposure can cause recurring congestion, eye irritation, headaches, and other cold-like symptoms. Nose bleeds are also a common occurrence. Regular exposure to mold can put a person at higher risk for health complications. Individuals who are experiencing these symptoms without another underlying health condition should consider mold as a possible cause.

Addressing mold

Mold problems are usually found during the purchasing or selling of a home. Home inspectors are well-versed in identifying the presence of mold. As stated earlier, the best way to verify its presence is through professional mold testing. If mold is present, remediation should be conducted by a professional mold remediation company. Mold remediation professionals can help to identify the root cause and offer possible solutions. In order to ensure the mold does not return, it is important for the core issues to be corrected prior to utilizing mold removal services.

Keep in mind that mold will never completely go away. Maintaining a clean household and addressing moisture issues in a timely manner are two steps to help prevent the growth of mold. 

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