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Bacteria is not a pleasant topic to think about, but if you are a home or business owner, it is part of your responsibility to make sure the building and the water are safe from bacteria by initiating bacteria testing. Although bacteria are naturally present everywhere, some bacteria are harmful to humans and some are not. The most dangerous bacteria are found in sewer water; if you have experienced a flood, the water may have been wiped away but the bacteria could remain, causing harm to your family and coworkers. Call the professionals at Insight Environmental to perform bacterial testing and bacteria testing in water to ensure that your home is free from the most dangerous bacteria and that you are drinking fresh water.

Why Bacteria Testing is Necessary

Floods are difficult in their own right, but one of the difficulties, if you have experienced a flood, is the prevalence of black sewage water. Although the area might have been cleaned and disinfected, high levels of dangerous bacteria could still remain. Bacteria testing by a reputable company like Insight Environmental will tell you what you are dealing with, and you will be able to remedy the problem if needed. Insight Environmental performs several types of bacteria testing, including bacteria testing in water, and if high levels of dangerous bacteria are found, will create an action plan to tell you what you need to do to purify the water, soil, or surfaces. If bacteria testing reveals high numbers of dangerous bacteria, the most prominent way to get rid of it is to chlorinate it. Ultraviolet light, iodine, and boiling it are other ways to remove the bacteria.

Most Prominent Bacteria Test

With so many types of bacteria, it would be difficult to test for every single one. The industry standard for bacteria testing in water is to do bacteria testing for Coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria are not necessarily dangerous in and of itself, but if it is present, that implies that there are other more dangerous bacteria around like giardia, or cryptosporidium. Companies like Insight Environmental use the membrane filter technique, the MPN (most probable number) test, or multiple tube fermentation bacteria testing to see how much Coliform bacteria are present. Bacteria testing in water and other types of bacterial testing are imperative for your home or business to stay safe.

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Types of Samples Tested

Although many people have not heard of Coliform bacteria or been concerned about doing bacteria testing for Coliform, there are other bacteria that have a negative reputation. E coli, staphycollus, and salmonella are a few dangerous bacteria, and it is imperative to do bacterial testing for these as well. Bacteria testing in water is of utmost importance, as there should be no fecal matter in drinking water. The experts at Insight Environmental will test many surfaces including:

By testing all of these samples, Insight Environmental will ensure that all parts of your home or office are bacteria-free.
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Insight Environmental understands how important bacterial testing and bacteria testing in water is for the health and safety of those in your home and office. Whether you have experienced a flood, or recently purchased a new home or office, understanding the levels of bacteria in your water, soil, and surfaces is paramount. Bacteria testing can pinpoint any problems and give you a written report which advises you how to solve them. Insight Environmental is your go-to source for bacterial testing and bacteria testing in water, so contact us today to make sure your surroundings are healthy.

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