Insight into Mold Testing – Humidity and Mold In The Home

Mold Testing in Carpinteria CA

A mold problem can be an alarming, unsightly, and difficult-to-remediate issue that can arise in any home. Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA, understands that. This article will show you how you can lower the amount of moisture in your home so that you can possibly prevent mold from growing in the first place. If you suspect that there is mold in your home or business, then you should contact a professional as soon as possible, but we will also cover how to prevent mold from growing in your home in the first place by reducing the amount of moisture in your home.

Humidity In The Home

If you’re uncertain about humidity, you can use a hygrometer. Some people have a lot of experience detecting it by touch, but if you’re never sure, you can always use a hygrometer. A home or business’s optimal humidity level is between 30%-50%. You can use these items to know if your humidity levels are near or above 50%, indicating that you should reduce them. They are usually inexpensive.

Air Conditioning

As soon as you learn how to measure humidity and what levels are appropriate, what steps are necessary if the levels are too high? Your air conditioner is naturally designed to remove heat and humidity while reintroducing cool air. It is important to maintain your air conditioner in order to make sure that it is working efficiently. As part of this, the air filter should be changed regularly and any necessary maintenance should be carried out.


As a result of activities that produce high levels of moisture, such as cooking or taking a shower, it is not uncommon for us to use fans to ventilate our bathrooms and kitchens. Even though you should use the ventilation, it is best to leave the fans running for a little while after you have completed the work in order to remove the humidity more efficiently.


Many people like hot showers, which leads to a significant amount of humidity in the home, as you might know. That’s why showers are one of the biggest culprits causing humidity, and mold, in our homes. The level of humidity in your home can be reduced by as much as a small reduction in the water temperature in your shower.


The source of some moisture is not always obvious, such as leaking pipes you may not even be aware of. Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA can assist you with professional mold testing and assistance if you notice mold or irregular humidity levels in your home as a result of a leak. The following signs may indicate that there is a water leak in your house: unexplained stains on your walls, wet spots, and high water bills despite no change in your water usage.


There are a number of ways that you can remove humidity from your home, including standalone dehumidifiers as well as those that are built into your furnace air handler. Dehumidifiers are the most commonly used method. The humidity levels are maintained at a lower level when you use this method, so your air conditioner won’t have to work as much.

Contact Insight Environmental

Whenever you begin to notice mold growth in your home or business, you should contact a professional immediately so it can be properly removed. If you are experiencing mold growth in your home and would like us to take steps to remove it as soon as possible, contact Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA, right now. You can count on our specialists to get your home back to normal in no time.

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