Why The Summer Months Can Invite Mold and Increase the Need for Mold Testing

Mold Testing in Carpinteria CA

Summertime is a great time for warming up, swimming, and enjoying outdoor activities. Though summer brings a lot of joy and fond memories for many of us, it can also be detrimental to your indoor air quality and even invite more mold into your home or business. Summertime provides the ideal environment for mold, so it is important to be aware of contributing factors and to be proactive about preventing mold growth. Here are some things from Insight Environmental to keep in mind when considering mold growth during the summer months and why residential and commercial properties are more prone to mold infestations at this time.

AC Unit Malfunctions

Your AC unit and cooling systems are a big help in deterring mold growth throughout the year. They provide much needed air circulation and control your indoor temperature, making it not so welcoming for mold spores. AC and cooling systems tend to break down or malfunction during the summer months when they are working overtime to keep your home cool during more extreme heat. When your HVAC or AC unit breaks or is not functioning properly, it can cause leaks, condensation, and stagnant air in your home. All of these factors can lead to a mold issue, so it is important to keep your unit well maintained and operating properly, not just for comfort, but to keep your environment healthy and safe.

Higher Humidity

Summer is considered one of the wetter seasons of the year, thus creating a higher humidity. This humidity outside can affect your indoor humidity as well. If your humidity levels indoors surpass fifty percent humidity, it may create an environment that encourages mold growth. Be sure to maintain a healthy humidity level by increasing air circulation in your home with your AC unit, fans, and opening windows on dry days. If you find that your humidity levels are still higher than you would like, it may be helpful to use a dehumidifier to maintain a comfortable and mold free atmosphere.


Mold tends to grow best in temperatures between the high seventies and mid eighties. Though you may be running an AC unit or cooling system to help mitigate these higher temperatures, it may be difficult for your cooling system to always keep up when the outdoor temperature reaches extreme highs. In order to prevent mold growth and stay cool it is best to always keep your indoor temperatures below the ideal range for mold growth if possible.

Moisture and Condensation

When there is a drastic difference between the temperature outside and the temperature in your home or business, it can cause condensation to build up on your windows and indoor surfaces. This provides plenty of moisture and encourages mold growth. It also tends to rain more frequently during the summer. This can cause water to come into your home through leaks, your roof, windows, and when entering and exiting your home. In order to mitigate the excess moisture and prevent mold growth, it is important to tend to any damages that may be causing leaks in your residential or commercial property. You can help to cut down condensation by maintaining good circulation throughout your home or business and using your exhaust fan when appropriate.

Don’t let mold spoil your summer fun. Insight Environmental offers mold testing to both residential and commercial properties. If you are in need of mold testing or would like more information, contact Insight Environmental today. 

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