Understanding Asbestos Testing

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Asbestos by definition is “a group of six naturally occurring minerals made up of heat-resistant fibers”. Asbestos was used in many consumer products before we understood how dangerous the minerals were. At Insight Environmental in Carpinteria, CA, we understand the medical complications that can be caused by this dangerous mineral. Asbestos can cause cancers and mesothelioma. While regulated, asbestos is not banned from the United States. 

The mineral is so popular because it is resistant to heat, electricity, and corrosion, making this one of the most useful minerals, but it remains highly toxic. Often used in construction, it can be added to many materials to make them sturdier. The danger comes once the minerals have been ingested, and permanently trapped in the body. This will eventually cause major damage to the body including inflammation and possibly even genetic damage. It has been proven to cause health issues such as cancer, and specifically the cause of mesothelioma has been narrowed down to be almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos

Types of Asbestos

There are five documented types of asbestos:

  • Crocidolite: Also known as blue asbestos, was used to insulate steam engines, as well as some piping insulation and spray on coatings, plastics, and cement products.
  • Amosite: Often referred to as brown asbestos, this was typically used in cement sheets and different types of insulation including pipes, ceiling tiles, and thermals.
  • Anthophyllite: Not unlike other members of the asbestos family: Anthophyllite is made of long, needle-like fibers that can be inhaled and cause major damage to the lungs. Mostly made up of magnesium and iron, this form of asbestos was not commonly used in consumer products, but can be found in construction materials like cement and insulation.
  • Tremolite: This form of asbestos was mostly utilized because of its ability to resist heat. Similar to the other types of asbestos, it has sharp fibers that can be easily inhaled, but it was often woven into clothes to make them heat resistant. Due to its dangerous nature, this mineral is no longer mined and is no longer used in products like paint, sealants, plumbing, and roofing. 
  • Actinolite: Typically, dark in color and sharing the needle-like shape with the other minerals when airborne, this configuration includes calcium, magnesium, iron, and silicon. Actinolite is no longer used in products it was once a popular part of, such as paint, cement, drywall, and more.

When Is It Time to Get Asbestos Testing

If you have any reason to suspect your property may have a presence of asbestos, it is time to contact Insight Environmental as soon as possible. Never try to handle a situation regarding asbestos on your own, the immense danger of asbestos and any material that may contain it requires certain protocols must be followed during the testing process for the safety of everyone involved. When material containing asbestos breaks down and creates dust, this is when most exposure occurs. Samples will be taken and safely contained. Once our professionals collect all samples, they will be analyzed at the lab to determine the risk of asbestos in your property.  Asbestos testing in Carpinteria, CA will save you time, money, and health down the road, so call Insight Environmental today!

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