Why Should I Test My Water For Bacteria?

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Nowadays we are all too aware of the bacteria surrounding us when we go out in public, but often the bacteria living in our own homes can fly under the radar. Our water is so important to many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately there are times when it can come into contact with harmful bacteria that can affect our home and our bodies. If your area has recently experienced a flood, it is especially a good time to take a look at the water you are using in your household or your business. Luckily there are companies that can help you test your water and give you a clear report of what you are exposed to and a plan for action if there is a risk that your water has come into contact with harmful bacteria.

Prevent Illness and Health Risks

There are many types of bacteria that are not harmful to us, but there are also some that can do a lot of harm. Things like E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia, and Hepatitis A are some of the more serious illnesses and infections you can contract from ingesting contaminated water. You also put yourself at risk for contracting some uncomfortable symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping, fever, and dehydration. 

Bacterial infested water can also cause infections in open wounds, swimmers’ ears, skin irritation, rashes, and more. Rather than waiting to see if any of these symptoms pop up, you can take your health into your own hands by doing bacteria testing your water annually.


The state of your water can directly affect the state of your home. When we are using water that is affected by bacteria to clean our homes we are spreading the bacteria. It can also lead to leaving behind some nasty residues and buildup that can be unsightly and concerning.

Air Quality

When the air in your home comes into contact with water, it can cause microorganisms such as bacteria to affect the air quality in your home. At this point the bacteria has access to you at all times. To avoid such worries, better call your trusted environmental inspection and testing company today.

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Harmful To Plants And Animals

No one wants to see their pets or livestock suffering. If your water is contaminated by bacteria it can be just as harmful to them as it is to you. When your animals drink from the contaminated water source they become at risk of contracting illnesses and infections, and in serious cases it can be fatal to them. If you use your water to water houseplants or your garden this bacteria can have a negative affect on them as well. 

Having a reliable source of clean water is so important and is often something we take for granted. It can affect nearly every aspect of our lives and home environment. Whether you have well water or city water, the risk of contamination is always present. Be proactive and take your quality of life into your own hands. Call Insight Environmental and schedule your bacterial testing today.

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